Traveling From USA to Southeast Asia As Cheaply As Possible

If one wants to discover oneself, as well as other cultures in order to grow intellectually, a tour to Southeast Asia is very helpful. But, to make the traveling as cheap as possible, plan your trip in advance; check out all the big websites like and to know about the flight costs and some specific airlines. You will be surprised to know that traveling to Southeast Asia is quite cheap, just $7oo to $1800. Don’t stick to any specific date; instead, keep on trying different dates/ times of the year and periods. It is very inexpensive to go in the off-season of summer, though it is quite hot in the summers. If you like adventures, then accept the things as they come and enjoy your journey.

One of my friends reserved a flight almost 3 months in advance for just $716. He started from Francisco for a cover up in Tokyo and after that changed flights to Bangkok. Though the journey was about 17 hours long, it was not tiresome at all, as Japan airlines had provided video screen in front of every seat showing movies and games to play. He also visited Thailand and spent a good time there knowing about the people and culture of that place. The experience was just unforgettable.

Though it is not easy to endeavor outside our comfort area, but it is very essential to expand our perception about different things and cultures, and grow as an individual. Thus, to make your traveling as cheap as possible, you must try to keep your program flexible according to availability of low-cost dates and flights. Cover ups are generally cheaper than direct flights, and sometimes, direct flights are not even available. There is no readymade formula to follow, just keep on researching and learning by doing. One more thing, it is always very cheap in the third world countries to hire a taxi or a personal driver to show you around. Following these tips, one can make one’s trip to Southeast Asia quite inexpensive.

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Egypt Travel Guide

No visit to Egypt is complete without a half day excursion to the Giza Plateau, home to the Great Pyramid, sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum. This most traveled destination lies on the desert’s edge, about 30 minutes from downtown Cairo, and remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

The Great Pyramid was constructed by Khufu, the second pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, circa 2589-2566 B.C. Also known as Cheops to the Greeks, this ruler left his legacy in history with the construction of one of the greatest engineering feats known to mankind. Visitors are permitted to climb the interior of the Great Pyramid, on an upward trail of narrow passageways and rock hewn tunnels leading to the burial chamber located halfway up the structure. This attraction, if you wish to enter the structure, is deemed laborious and geared for the physically fit traveler on holidays Egypt. Interior photography is prohibited and strictly enforced.

Nearby stands the majestic sphinx, a half-man, half-lion structure pre-dating the construction of the Great Pyramid. Although there are no interior chambers opened to the public, you may visit the sphinx up-close and personal from its base and are free to take photographs.

A few steps away from the mighty sphinx, lies the Solar Boat Museum, home to the royal barge owned by Pharaoh Khufu. This vessel was accidentally discovered beneath the desert sands in Giza, and proved a valuable source of information about its royal owner and daily life during the pharaoh’s reign. In addition to the ancient ship, visitors may roam the museum for a photographic chronology record of the solar boat’s excavation and observe artifacts directly linked to Egypt’s ancient maritime industry.

The Giza Plateau is conveniently located within minutes of the Giza hotel district, with many of the nearby accommodations offering spectacular views of the monuments. Admission to the attractions in Giza are sold separately for independent travel, or will be combined for a holidays Egypt package deal.

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